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Attorney Matt Fakhoury is a former prosecutor, an adjunct professor at DePaul University and a criminal defense attorney working in Chicago, Skokie, Rolling Meadows and nearby communities.

What to Do if You’re Served With an Order of Protection

By |2024-02-03T14:55:27-06:00February 26th, 2024|Civil Order of Protection|

Being served with an order of protection can be a confusing and stressful experience. Knowing the right steps to take is crucial for protecting your rights and interests. What to Do if You're Served With an [...]

How Can a Lawyer Help You in an Order of Protection Case?

By |2024-02-03T14:52:19-06:00February 19th, 2024|Aggravated Domestic Battery, Civil Order of Protection, Domestic Battery|

Navigating an order of protection case can be challenging, especially if you're unfamiliar with the legal system. A lawyer can play a crucial role in guiding you through this process. How Can a Lawyer Help You [...]

What Are the Differences Between Aggravated Domestic Battery and Domestic Battery?

By |2024-02-03T14:45:30-06:00February 5th, 2024|Aggravated Domestic Battery, Domestic Battery|

Understanding the distinctions between aggravated domestic battery and domestic battery is crucial for anyone involved in such cases. This guide aims to clarify these differences and their legal implications. What Are the Differences Between Aggravated Domestic [...]

What Are Your Rights as a Defendant in a Domestic Battery Case?

By |2024-01-12T19:29:03-06:00January 22nd, 2024|Domestic Battery|

Being charged with domestic battery brings with it a host of concerns, particularly regarding your rights as a defendant. Understanding these rights is crucial in navigating the legal process effectively. What Are Your Rights as a [...]

What Are the Most Common Defenses Used in Domestic Battery Cases?

By |2024-01-10T20:33:24-06:00January 15th, 2024|Domestic Battery|

Facing charges of domestic battery can be a stressful experience. Understanding the common defenses used in these cases is crucial, especially if you're considering hiring a lawyer to represent you. What Are the Most Common Defenses [...]

Can I Lose Custody of My Kids if I’m Convicted of Domestic Battery?

By |2023-11-05T17:28:48-06:00January 8th, 2024|Domestic Battery|

When you're facing domestic battery charges in Illinois, the fear of losing custody of your children can be overwhelming. If you're in this situation, it's essential to understand the potential consequences and the importance of experienced [...]

3 Things You Must Do if You’re Falsely Accused of Domestic Battery

By |2023-11-05T17:20:50-06:00December 25th, 2023|Domestic Battery|

Facing a false accusation of domestic battery can be a stressful and confusing time. You might feel overwhelmed, but it's crucial to act swiftly and strategically. This guide will walk you through the essential steps you [...]

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