Domestic Violence Allegations During Divorce

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If you’re going through a divorce – particularly one that involves some type of custody dispute – you could end up facing false allegations of domestic violence. While it’s extremely unfortunate that an ex-spouse or ex-partner [...]

Family Members and Household Members in Domestic Violence Cases

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Domestic battery and aggravated domestic battery only apply to family or household members in the state of Illinois, but who counts as a family member or household member? Family Members in Domestic Battery Cases in Illinois [...]

What to Tell Your Domestic Battery Defense Lawyer

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Being falsely accused of domestic battery is incredibly serious – and if you’re convicted, you could spend time in jail. (Things could get even worse if you’re accused of aggravated domestic battery.) For most people, it [...]

Blood-Related Family Members and Domestic Battery

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If you’re involved in a battery incident with a blood-related family member, you could be found guilty of domestic battery. Domestic Battery and Blood-Related Family Members In order for prosecutors to accuse you of domestic battery, [...]

What is the Penalty for Domestic Battery in Illinois?

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If you’re convicted of domestic battery in Illinois, you’re looking at some serious penalties – even if it’s your first offense. Domestic Battery Overview There are actually two classifications for this type of crime in Illinois: [...]

What is Criminal Domestic Violence?

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Criminal domestic violence is an umbrella term that covers domestic battery and aggravated domestic battery. Both of those crimes can lead to an order of protection against you, jail time, and other serious penalties. What is [...]