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The Law Offices of M. Fakhoury LLC represents clients in all facets of criminal law, including domestic battery and orders of protection.

Matt Fakhoury, J.D.

When you’re facing domestic violence charges in Chicago, you need tough legal representation to preserve your rights and help ensure that your side of the story comes out in court.

You need to work with an aggressive domestic violence lawyer who puts your needs – and your rights – first.

Attorney Biography: Matt Fakhoury

After attending DePaul University and graduating in 2002, Mr. Fakhoury graduated from Saint Louis University School of Law in 2005. He served as the Assistant State’s Attorney in Cook County from 2006 to 2011 and has extensive experience in:

  • Domestic Violence Defense Cases
  • DUI and Traffic Cases
  • Drug Crimes
  • Violent Crimes
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Misdemeanor Bench and Jury trials
  • Felony Bench and Jury trials
  • Expungements and Sealings
  • Criminal Appeals

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Mr. Fakhoury has offices in Chicago, Skokie and Rolling Meadows. You can reach him at 847-920-4540 or get in touch online.

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Attorney Matt Fakhoury

About Matt Fakhoury, J.D., Chicago Domestic Violence Attorney

As a former prosecutor and current domestic violence defense lawyer in Chicago, Matt Fakhoury has practiced in all areas of Cook County. He’s also an adjunct professor at DePaul University, where he teaches law courses in the undergraduate sociology department.

Mr. Fakhoury is a member of the following organizations:

  • Chicago Bar Association
  • Illinois State Bar Association
  • Northwest Suburban Bar Association

The Law Offices of M. Fakhoury LLC in the News

“At Monday’s hearing, defense attorney Matt Fakhoury asked Mandeltort to reconsider the request in light of the Supreme Court decision. She agreed and found the case against Haddad violated his Second Amendment rights.” Chicago Tribune
“Fakoury said his office conducted its own investigation and found a third-party witness, who was not available to authorities last summer, who did not place Barajas at the scene or holding the gun. No gun was never recovered.” Daily Herald
” ‘People are most frustrated when their economic opportunities are limited because of the trouble they got themselves into when they were younger,” he said. “It’s going to give them hope for a brighter economic future.’ ” Chicago Tribune
The free consultation, alone, was enough to convince me that I have found the attorney I was looking for. What sets this law office apart from all others is just how focused, committed, proactive, understanding, and respectful Mr. Fakhoury is. After getting off of the phone with Matt, I felt safe, welcomed, and empowered that I was going to be well taken care of. Matt’s behavior, from beginning to end, is consistent with someone who is well experienced with their craft and has a true desire to genuinely help other people.
The entire duration of the case Matt would continuously support me and always helped me feel comfortable and secure about the case. After months of waiting and emotional turmoil, we stepped into the final court hearing. Matt was relentless and swift with his defense actions. I was so happy to have hired him and I will continue to hold on to his card for friends and family if ever needed.
Because I was very tense and curious about my case, he called me on many occasions to update me on where we are and stuff. Matt is very aggressive in the court room and he worked as a state prosecutor in the court. So, he knows in and outs very well.
Matt defended me in a Domestic Battery case. From the beginning, he was honest, open and believed in my innocence and character. He was responsive and very connected in the Rolling Meadows court system. His demeanor was professional and thorough. The outcome was a dismissal and Matt will be handling the expungement from this point as I look forward to having my name and record completely cleared. I would highly recommend Matt as a superior defense attorney to anyone.

Domestic violence is a serious problem for everyone involved. Our goal at the Law Offices of M. Fakhoury LLC is to resolve the complicated issues surrounding domestic abuse efficiently and effectively for men, women and children, and particularly for those falsely accused of domestic abuse.