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Practice Area: Aggravated Domestic Battery

Aggravated domestic battery is a crime under Illinois law. It involves the defendant intentionally causing great bodily harm or causing permanent disability or disfigurement. The law requires a defendant to be charged with aggravated domestic battery if he or she choked the victim or blocked the victim’s ability to breathe.

The law defines aggravated domestic battery as:

(720 ILCS 5/12-3.3)

(a) A person who, in committing a domestic battery, knowingly causes great bodily harm, or permanent disability or disfigurement commits aggravated domestic battery.

(a-5) A person who, in committing a domestic battery, strangles another individual commits aggravated domestic battery. For the purposes of this subsection

(a-5), “strangle” means intentionally impeding the normal breathing or circulation of the blood of an individual by applying pressure on the throat or neck of that individual or by blocking the nose or mouth of that individual.

Penalties for Aggravated Domestic Battery in Illinois

Aggravated domestic battery is a Class 2 felony, which carries a penalty of 3 to 7 years imprisonment. If you have ever been convicted of aggravated domestic battery before this charge, and you are convicted of the current charge, you could serve between 3 and 14 years in prison.

Aggravated Domestic Battery: Relationships

Under 750 ILCS 60, the Illinois Domestic Violence Act, domestic violence can occur in a number of relationships, including between people who are:

  • Spouses
  • Ex-spouses
  • Blood-related family members
  • Co-parents
  • Current roommates
  • Elderly adults and caregivers
  • Disabled adults and caregivers
  • Former roommates
  • Individuals related by blood through a child
  • Parent-child
  • Stepparent-child

Defenses to Aggravated Domestic Battery

Your domestic violence attorney will be able to create a defense strategy based on the circumstances of your case. You may be able to claim self-defense or defense of another person in an aggravated domestic battery case, but remember, no two cases are alike. Your lawyer will explain your options after he has examined all the facts involved.

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Mahesh, April 2012
Mr. Fakhoury represented me on an alleged DV case. The case itself was bogus from the beginning. Even with false reports and lying on the stand Matt was still able to fight and get me a Not Guilt. Matt was extremely responsive regardless of the time of day. He kept me in the loop at all times and explained what was going on. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a Criminal Defense Lawyer.
Matt defended me in a Domestic Battery case. From the beginning, he was honest, open and believed in my innocence and character. He was responsive and very connected in the Rolling Meadows court system. His demeanor was professional and thorough. The outcome was a dismissal and Matt will be handling the expungement from this point as I look forward to having my name and record completely cleared. I would highly recommend Matt as a superior defense attorney to anyone.

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