List of Chicago Domestic Court Zoom Codes (and Top 4 Zoom Court Tips)

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Going to court (in any form) can be a stressful experience. We get asked all of the time: “Can I attend court via Zoom?”, “What are the Zoom codes for my court?”, “Do all courthouses offer a Zoom option?”.

Fortunately, for individuals dealing with Domestic Cases in Cook County – it’s not always necessary to physically appear at the courthouse. Quite often court appearances have the the option to conveniently take place through Zoom. However, obtaining the specific Zoom codes may prove to be quite challenging. Thats where Domestic Defense Chicago come in!

Please note, sometimes ID and Passwords can change. Please contact your attorney or courthouse to confirm details, if necessary.

Chicago – 555 W. Harrison St. Court Zoom Codes

  • Court Room 201 – Judge Levander Smith
    • Zoom ID: 957-3987-5125 Password: 322709
  • Court Room 202 – Judge Beatriz Frausto-Sandoval
    • Zoom ID: 985-2811-5317 Password: 522730
  • Court Room 301 – Judge Laura Bertucci-Smith
    • Zoom ID: 984-0054-8570 Password: 609521
  • Court Room 302 – Judge Erika Orr
    • Zoom ID: 939-4441-2898 Password: 706208
  • Court Room 401 – Judge Jeanne Wrenn
    • Zoom ID: 989-8635-3356 Password: 281353
  • Court Room 402 – Judge Callie Baird
    • Zoom ID: 932-7584-5484 Password: 069207

If you do not have a computer or a Smartphone you can call in to participate. You call 312-626-6799 and then type in the Zoom ID for your room number with the # sign after the Zoom number.

Additional 555 W. Harrison St. Court Information


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Zoom Court Tips

  • Dress Well – Make sure that your clothes are clean, appropriate, and you look well-kept.
  • Zoom from a Quiet Area – Find a quiet place where you can be alone, free from children, pets, or any background noise. Remember, even though it’s a virtual court setting, maintaining respect is essential.
  • Check Your Settings – Make sure that your audio is set to “mute” and that you change your name under “settings” to your real first and last name.
  • Timing – Arrive 10 minutes early to be safe! Never chance being late for court.


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