In the state of Illinois, domestic battery is a criminal offense. According to the law, you can be convicted of domestic battery if you cause bodily harm to any family or household or if you make physical contact of an insulting or provoking nature.

However, as with any other criminal charge, you can defend yourself against domestic violence charges – including domestic battery and aggravated domestic battery.

Many people find that it’s best to work with an experienced domestic violence defense lawyer when they are accused of committing this type of crime. Because the state of Illinois takes domestic violence very seriously, and because a conviction can result in eviction from your home, steep fines and other criminal penalties, talking to a lawyer might be best for you, too.

Possible Defenses for Domestic Violence ChargesCan You Defend Yourself Against Domestic Violence Charges

The sad truth is that some domestic violence accusations are frivolous. That means some people file domestic violence charges for reasons other than domestic violence.

While every case is different (and you should discuss the specifics of yours with your lawyer), but there are a number of ways people can successfully defend against domestic violence charges, including:

  • Showing that your accuser is not telling the truth. Your attorney will look for inconsistencies and the allegations by comparing the accuser’s story to police reports and your version of events. Your if your lawyer may also want to talk to witnesses who were there and who can testify on your behalf in court.
  • Proving that you were simply defending yourself. In some cases, people are accused of committing domestic violence for defending themselves. While it is unfortunate, some people who act in self-defense or attempt to protect their children are actually convicted of domestic violence because they don’t know how to defend themselves against the allegations.

There are a number of other ways your lawyer can help defend you against domestic violence charges, as well. He or she will look at the facts in your case and develop strategy based on your individual situation.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for defense against domestic violence charges, which is why it’s very important that you are completely honest with your attorney – that way he or she can build the appropriate strategy to preserve your rights in court.

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