Can You Drop the Charges Against Your Spouse if He or She is Arrested for Domestic Battery - Chicago Domestic Battery Defense

Picture this… in fact, the same situation (or a similar situation) may have happened to you.

Your spouse or other family or household member and you got into a physical fight. Someone, like a friend or family member, or maybe even a neighbor, called the police. Your loved one was taken off to jail, and you gave a statement to the police.

But now, you don’t want your loved one to get into any trouble.

You’re caught in a tough spot, because you don’t want to be abused – or maybe you don’t think you were abused – but at the same time, you don’t want the other person to get into trouble.

A lot of people call the police and ask if they can drop the charges when a family member or friend has been charged with domestic battery.

But once the prosecutor has filed charges, it’s out of your hands. You cannot stop the process. Your loved one will go through the same legal process that anyone else charged with domestic battery goes through. He or she will be booked into police custody, asked questions about what happened, and taken to court to be formally charged with a crime (if the prosecutor has decided to file charges).

The best thing you can do if you want to help your loved one after an alleged domestic battery incident is to find legal counsel. Anyone who’s been accused of committing a crime has the right to talk to an attorney.

Your loved one’s attorney will examine the facts of the case. He’ll work hard to preserve your loved one’s rights and, if possible, try to make a deal with the prosecutor. In some cases, your loved one’s attorney may be able to have some evidence thrown out or held back. However, there’s no guarantee with any legal case – that’s because they’re all different, and even minor details can make a big difference in the outcome. There’s also no way to predict how a judge will rule in any case.

Do You Need to Talk to a Lawyer About Your Loved One’s Domestic Battery Arrest?

If your loved one or a friend has been charged with a domestic battery crime, you can’t drop the charges – but you may still be able to help by getting him or her in touch with an attorney.

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