What is the Illinois Domestic Violence Act?

What is the Illinois Domestic Violence Act? Here’s what you need to know about this legislation.

What is the Illinois Domestic Violence Act?

The Illinois Domestic Violence Act Is in place to prevent the crime of domestic battery. It outlines the domestic violence laws in our state. Under Illinois law, any person who commits battery against a family or household member may be found guilty of domestic battery.

From a domestic violence perspective, family and household members are defined as:

  • family members who are related by blood
  • people who are currently married or were married at one time
  • people who share or once shared a home
  • people who have a child in common or a blood relationship through a child in common
  • people who are dating, engaged, or once were in either of these relationships
  • people who have disabilities and their personal assistants

Sometimes called the IDVA or ILDVA, this act outlines the penalties people must face if they are convicted of domestic violence.

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Why Did the Legislature Create the Illinois Domestic Violence Act?

The state legislature created the Domestic Violence Act in response to previously ineffective laws that dealt with family violence. Often, prior to the passage of the act, abusers could escape justice. Now, however, the law has broadened protections for victims of domestic violence.

What if You’re Charged With a Domestic Violence Crime?

If you’ve been charged with a domestic violence crime, you may wish to speak to an attorney about your situation. Sometimes, police make mistakes; in other cases, people exaggerate or tell half-truths about domestic incidents. Your attorney will evaluate your case and determine what steps are necessary to get you the best possible outcome.

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