Why Can’t You Expunge a Domestic Battery Conviction?

When you’re convicted of domestic battery, it has to stay on your criminal record forever. You can’t seal or expunge it – it’ll always be there. Here’s what you need to know and why you can’t expunge a domestic battery conviction in Illinois.

In the state of Illinois, there are laws in place that say violent crimes have to remain on your criminal record forever. You’re not allowed to expunge or seal them. Domestic battery is one of those crimes; you can never erase it from your criminal record. (Other crimes you can’t expunge or seal include those involving animal cruelty, homicide and some firearms charges.)

What Kinds of Domestic Battery Crimes Can You Clear From Your Record?

You can only expunge domestic battery arrests, criminal charges that didn’t go anywhere, and findings of not guilty from your criminal record. That means if the police arrested you on suspicion of domestic violence but didn’t charge you, if you were charged with domestic battery and the state later dropped the charges, or if you were tried for domestic battery and found not guilty, you can clear your criminal record.

However, you cannot ever expunge or seal a domestic battery conviction. 

Working With an Attorney for Domestic Battery Charges

For most people, it’s very important to work with a domestic battery defense attorney. Your attorney can’t guarantee a specific outcome or promise you that you’ll be found not guilty of the crime, but working with a lawyer can help you get the best possible outcome in your case. Your lawyer will be there to argue on your behalf and attempt to show that the prosecution hasn’t sufficiently proven that you’re guilty.

Do You Need to Talk to an Attorney About Domestic Battery Defense?

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