3 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Domestic Battery Defense Lawyer

If you’re like many people facing domestic battery charges in Illinois, you know you want to work with a defense attorney – but you may not know where to begin.

The first thing to do is pick up the phone and start making calls to attorneys who focus on domestic battery defense. Most offer free consultations, so during your consultation, there are specific things you should ask.

3 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Domestic Battery Defense Lawyer

First things first: You should find an attorney who focuses primarily on criminal defense cases. Although there are many good attorneys who focus on general law, family law and other types of law, it’s often best to work with a lawyer whose practice is centered on criminal defense. That’s because a criminal defense attorney will likely have more experience with cases like yours (as opposed to other cases, such as divorce).

When you find a criminal defense attorney you may be interested in hiring, ask these three questions:

  • How many cases like mine have you worked on in the past, and what’s your success rate? You definitely want to work with an attorney who has had experience with cases like yours – and one who’s had a fair measure of success.
  • What are the possible outcomes for my case? No lawyer can predict how a judge will rule, but you want to ask this question to find out what could happen in your case. If an attorney tells you that they can guarantee a particular outcome, find a different attorney.
  • How much will this cost? You need to know how much your case is likely to cost, but remember, some cases end up taking longer than either the defendant or the attorney predict. 

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