Can a Judge Order You to Go to Anger Management Classes Because of a Domestic Battery Case?

If you’re convicted of domestic battery – whether or not you’re actually guilty – the judge in your case can impose a punishment on you. That punishment can include ordering you to attend anger management counseling. Here’s what you need to know.

Judges in the state of Illinois can order people to attend anger management classes or participate in anger management counseling. If a judge orders you to attend these classes or participate in counseling, you’re legally obligated to do it – and if you don’t, you could be held in contempt of court. (That’s an entirely different crime, and it’s one that could put you behind bars.)

Do All Judges Order Anger Management Counseling?

Not all judges order people to go to anger management counseling, but you do need to know that it’s a possibility that the judge assigned to your case will. There are other things judges can order, too. For example, the judge in your case may order you to stay away from your home, avoid speaking to the other party, or even turn over your firearms to law enforcement. Typically, judges accomplish this by signing a protective order – commonly called an order of protection – that lists all the things you can’t do and that you must do to comply. Orders of protection are fairly common in domestic battery cases in Illinois.

Also – and perhaps most importantly – if you’re convicted of domestic battery, the judge in your case can send you to jail or prison. 

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