If you’re like many people facing domestic battery or aggravated domestic battery charges, or if someone has taken out an order of protection against you, you may be wondering whether you could be sentenced to participate in domestic violence counseling.

Whether or not a judge sentences you to domestic violence counseling, you need to know that domestic battery can be a misdemeanor or felony—and that you could end up spending time behind bars.

Can a Judge Order Domestic Violence Counseling?Can a Judge Order You to Go to Domestic Violence Counseling

The judge in your case may order you to attend domestic violence counseling. Typically, an order such as this is part of an order of protection that contains other requirements, as well.

An order of protection can include provisions that prohibit you from:

  • Harassing the other party
  • Intimidating the other party
  • Physically abusing the other party
  • Going home
  • Seeing your children

Additionally, an order of protection may require you to give up temporary child custody or to attend domestic violence counseling, take anger management courses, or undergo a psychological evaluation.

If a Judge Orders You to Go to Domestic Violence Counseling, Who Pays?

Under Illinois law, the court can order you to report to an Illinois Department of Human Services protocol-approved partner abuse intervention program for an assessment and to follow all recommended treatment. However, an emergency order—one that the judge issues before you’ve had a chance to contest the matter in court—can’t include provisions that require you to pay for it. A non-emergency order of protection can, however.

<H2>Have You Been Ordered to Attend Domestic Violence Counseling? </H2>

If you’ve been accused of domestic battery in Chicago or the surrounding communities and the judge in your case has ordered you to attend domestic violence counseling, we may be able to help you—but you need to call a domestic battery defense attorney as soon as possible. We’ll be happy to give you a free domestic battery case review.