Do You Need a Lawyer if You’re Innocent of Domestic Battery

When your spouse or significant other accuses you of domestic battery or aggravated domestic battery but you never did anything wrong, it’s scary – you know you could end up in jail for a crime you didn’t commit.

But do you really need a lawyer to defend you if you’re innocent? Won’t the truth come out in court anyway?

Do You Need a Lawyer if You’re Innocent of Domestic Battery?

Unfortunately, jails and prisons all over the country are full of people who never committed the crimes they’re accused of committing. And chances are pretty good that if your spouse or significant other accused you of domestic violence, he or she got an order of protection against you.

An order of protection can have extremely serious consequences, even if you’re eventually found innocent of the charges – it can prevent you from seeing your kids, going home to pick up a change of clothes or things you need for work, or even require you to give personal property to the alleged victim. A judge can even use an order of protection to require you to turn your weapons over to law enforcement, require you to go to counseling, and require you to appear in court.

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No matter what, though, you have the right to retain an attorney if you’re accused of a crime in the United States. Your lawyer can give you advice that gets you the best possible outcome on your case.

But Won’t I Look Guilty of Domestic Battery if I Hire a Lawyer?

A lot of people worry that they’ll look guilty if they hire an attorney – but that’s just a myth. (And even if you would look guilty, would you rather look guilty or be falsely convicted of domestic battery?)

The fact is, if you’ve been charged with a crime, they already think you’re guilty. You’re just taking advantage of your right to retain a lawyer who’s willing to fight hard to protect your rights.

Do You Need to Talk to a Lawyer About False Accusations of Domestic Battery?

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