A domestic violence conviction can change the entire direction of your life – and that includes your ability to own or possess a firearm in the state of Illinois.

What Does Illinois Law Say About Domestic Violence and Guns?

If you’ve been convicted of domestic battery or aggravated domestic battery (or a similar offense outside of the state of Illinois), you can’t have a Firearm Owner’s Identification, or FOID, card.

Even if you currently have a FOID card, you won’t be allowed to retain the right to own or possess a firearm if you’re convicted of one of these domestic violence offenses in Chicago or the surrounding communities.

What About Orders of Protection and Firearm Possession?Domestic Violence Convictions and Your Gun Rights: What You Need to Kn

If you’re served with an order of protection, you’re not allowed to possess any type of firearm or ammunition. In fact, it’s a federal crime to do so – unless you’re a member of law enforcement or the military; in that case, you’re allowed to use your gun while you’re on duty.

What Are You Supposed to Do With Your Guns?

You’ll have to turn over your guns to law enforcement if you’re under an order of protection or a court has convicted you of a domestic violence offense in Illinois. The same is true for your FOID card. Typically, you must surrender your guns and your FOID card at a time and place designated by the court; they’ll issue a warrant that allows law enforcement to seize them from you.

Once that’s done, the court will return your FOID card to the Illinois Department of State Police.

Is the Gun Ban Permanent After a Domestic Violence Conviction?

If a court convicts you of a domestic violence offense, you’ll be permanently banned from owning or possessing firearms.

Has Illinois Charged You With a Domestic Violence Crime?

Because a domestic violence conviction can significantly change the course of your future, it’s a good idea to contact a domestic violence defense lawyer in Chicago as soon as possible. Your lawyer will evaluate your case and determine the best course of action based on your circumstances.

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