False accusations of domestic violence can be life-shattering. In fact, you can’t even assume that things will “all come out in the wash.” You need to know that if someone accuses you of committing domestic battery or aggravated domestic battery, or if someone gets an order of protection against you, you can’t hope that the truth will come out on its own—especially because the consequences can be severe (and permanent).

False Accusations of Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, many people accuse spouses, significant others, or even caregivers of domestic battery (or worse, aggravated domestic battery) when they know full well that the allegations aren’t true.


Every false accuser has his or her own reasons for pointing the finger at an innocent person. Perhaps a spouse feels that accusations of domestic violence will give him or her a better chance at getting custody of children; maybe a boyfriend or girlfriend wants an easy out for a breakup.

No matter what the reason, it’s important that you know it’s best to have a skilled domestic violence defense lawyer on your side.

Can (and Should) Innocent People Hire a Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer?

No matter who you are, or whether you’re innocent or guilty, you should absolutely find an attorney you’re comfortable working with—and whose skills you trust.

Many people worry that hiring a lawyer makes them look “guilty.”

There are two reasons this is wrong: one, hiring a lawyer makes you look smart, because it shows that you know how to protect yourself and your rights. Two, it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks; what matters is that you get the best possible outcome in your case.

Do You Need a Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer?

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