Is It Possible to Win an Aggravated Domestic Battery Case

If you’re like many people, you want to know if it’s even possible to win an aggravated domestic battery case.

The short answer is yes, it’s possible to win. And there are a couple of ways it can happen.

Is It Possible to Win an Aggravated Domestic Battery Case?

You can win an aggravated domestic battery case in one of two ways. One, the state can drop your charges, and two, you can be found “Not Guilty” by the court.

Dropping the Charges

In some cases, the prosecution doesn’t have enough evidence to prove that you’re guilty of aggravated domestic battery in court. If that happens, the state might drop the case – the prosecutor may decline to take you to court over it. Your arrest will still be on your record, though, which may require you to talk to your domestic battery defense lawyer about expungement.

Findings of Not Guilty

In other cases, the court can find you “Not Guilty.” When you’re accused of a crime (and this goes for any crime, not just aggravated domestic battery), you’re not responsible for proving that you’re innocent. Instead, the prosecutor is responsible for proving that you’re guilty. Your lawyer will be there every step of the way to show the judge (and the jury, if you have a jury trial) that what the prosecutor is showing doesn’t prove your guilt. Your attorney may also be able to argue to keep some evidence out of court, and he might be able to argue that there’s no way you could have committed the crime of aggravated domestic battery.

Do You Need an Aggravated Domestic Battery Lawyer?

While there’s no way to predict how a judge will rule, and every case is different, you may want to have an aggressive defense lawyer in your corner. Your lawyer knows how the law works, how to defend people in situations like yours, and above all, how to protect your rights as someone who’s been accused of a serious crime.

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