Orders of Protection and FOID - Chicago Domestic Battery Defense

If someone takes out an order of protection against you due to a domestic battery or aggravated domestic battery incident, you’re probably wondering how that affects your FOID and your right to possess a firearm. Here’s what you need to know.

Orders of Protection and FOID

In many cases, someone who accuses another person of domestic battery gets an order of protection against the person they’re accusing. The point of this order is to keep the accused away from the alleged victim, and to prevent the accused from making threats. Some orders of protection also prevent you from:

  • Going into your own home
  • Seeing your kids
  • Selling, damaging or destroying certain property

An order of protection can also require you to appear in court, attend counseling and hand over property to the alleged victim – and it can require you to hand over your guns and weapons to law enforcement.

Turning in Your Weapons After the Courts Issue an Order of Protection

If someone takes out an order of protection against you, you’ll likely get a notification that your FOID card is being suspended. If that happens, you have to send your FOID card back to the Illinois Firearm Bureau, and you must also give your guns and weapons to a family member or friend for safekeeping. You don’t have to turn them in to police.

Sometimes you can avoid having your FOID card suspended. While it’s not always possible, you should check with your domestic battery defense attorney to see whether you can keep your card and avoid the process that comes with turning it in – especially if someone has falsely accused you of domestic violence.

Do You Need to Talk to a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney About Your FOID Card?

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