What to Tell Your Domestic Battery Defense Lawyer

Being falsely accused of domestic battery is incredibly serious – and if you’re convicted, you could spend time in jail. (Things could get even worse if you’re accused of aggravated domestic battery.)

For most people, it makes sense to work with a domestic battery defense lawyer. That’s because an attorney can fight to preserve your rights, argue your case in court, negotiate with the prosecutor if necessary, and be your advocate through this entire, difficult process.

What to Tell Your Domestic Battery Defense Lawyer

Your domestic battery defense lawyer will have some very specific questions for you if you’ve been charged with a crime. He’ll need to know about the circumstances that led up to the alleged incident, what your relationship with the alleged victim is like, and whether there were any factors that could’ve changed the outcome of the situation.

It’s a good idea to be completely honest with your attorney. He’ll only ask you things that he needs answers to – nothing more, nothing less – so he can begin building your defense strategy.

Defenses to Domestic Battery Charges

There are several possible defenses to domestic battery charges, and your attorney will go through all of them to find the strategy that’s best for your case.

If necessary, your lawyer may negotiate with the prosecutor (the person who will argue against you in court).

He’ll also answer all your questions about the legal process, the charges you’ve picked up, and the possible outcomes of your case. Your attorney’s job is to preserve your rights, and he’ll be there to ensure the evidence the prosecution has against you was legally obtained and that police or investigators are dealing with your case properly.

Do You Need to Talk to a Domestic Battery Defense Lawyer in Chicago?

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