Can a Domestic Battery Case Be Dismissed in Chicago?

By |2020-12-18T00:16:33-06:00November 30th, 2020|Domestic Battery|

If you’re accused of domestic battery or aggravated domestic battery, you need to know that there are several possible outcomes for your case. The court could find you guilty, determine that you’re not guilty, or dismiss [...]

What to Do if You’re a Man Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence

By |2019-06-04T22:39:40-05:00July 24th, 2017|Aggravated Domestic Battery, Domestic Battery, Domestic Violence|

If you’re a man falsely accused of domestic violence, you need help—but where are you supposed to turn? Who’s going to believe that the accusations are completely false, or that you were simply defending yourself in [...]

Defending Against Domestic Battery and Aggravated Domestic Battery Charges

By |2019-06-04T22:39:54-05:00June 26th, 2017|Domestic Battery, Domestic Violence|

When you’re accused of any type of domestic violence offense, you may find it helpful to get in touch with a Chicago domestic battery defense attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer will be able to [...]

What is Criminal Domestic Violence in Illinois?

By |2019-06-04T22:40:00-05:00June 12th, 2017|Aggravated Domestic Battery, Domestic Battery, Domestic Violence|

Whether you were falsely accused of domestic violence, you were defending yourself against domestic battery, or you made a mistake, criminal domestic violence is a serious offense in the state of Illinois—and if you’re like most [...]

Is Domestic Violence a Felony or Misdemeanor in Illinois?

By |2019-06-04T22:41:20-05:00January 23rd, 2017|Aggravated Domestic Battery, Domestic Battery, Domestic Violence|

In the state of Illinois, domestic violence can be either a misdemeanor or a felony. Domestic battery — the term for the crime of causing bodily harm to a family or household member, or making physical [...]

Laws Against Domestic Violence in Illinois

By |2019-06-04T22:12:23-05:00October 17th, 2016|Aggravated Domestic Battery, Domestic Battery, Domestic Violence|

What Are the Laws Against Domestic Violence? Whether you’re in Skokie, Rolling Meadows, or Chicago (or anywhere in-between), you’re subject to laws against domestic violence. In fact, the Illinois Domestic Violence Act of 1986 is a very broad set of laws that make domestic violence against the law.

When is Domestic Battery a Class 4 Felony in Illinois?

By |2019-06-04T22:12:23-05:00October 4th, 2016|Domestic Battery|

If you’ve been charged with domestic battery as a Class 4 felony, it’s probably a good idea for you to get in touch with a domestic battery defense lawyer immediately. The penalties of a conviction are harsh—and they can include time in jail, steep fines, and other consequences (including being served with an

How to Read an Order of Protection in Illinois

By |2019-06-04T22:12:23-05:00September 19th, 2016|Domestic Violence|

If someone takes out an order of protection against you, you’ll probably have a lot of questions—including how to read it and what each section means. An order of protection is a long document—it’s 13 pages in all—and some of the language it uses can be confusing. The main thing you need to know is that if a judge has signed an order of protection, you’re legally obligated to follow what it says; if you violate it, you could end up going to jail, paying fines, and facing other penalties.

Can You Win an Illinois Domestic Battery Case?

By |2019-06-04T22:12:23-05:00September 6th, 2016|Domestic Battery|

If you’ve been accused of domestic battery in the state of Illinois, it is possible to win your case—but because every case is different, and because each case has its own details, there’s no way to guarantee your case’s outcome ahead of time. Factors That Affect the Outcome of Your Domestic Battery Case Several factors affect the outcome of any domestic battery case, including whether or not the person who’s accused—the defendant—is innocent or guilty. (Naturally, everyone is considered innocent until they’re proven guilty in court.) Another factor? The strength of the prosecution’s evidence against you. It’s not your job to prove that you’re innocent.

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