Few things are more frightening than being accused of committing domestic battery or aggravated domestic battery.

Most people are aware of the long-term (and typically permanent) consequences of a domestic violence conviction in Chicago and the surrounding communities. These types of accusations can cause irreparable damage to your reputation and your standing in the community—even if you are later found to be completely innocent.

Your privacy and your reputation are at stake, so how soon should you call an attorney if you’ve been accused of domestic violence in Chicago or the suburbs?

When to Call a Domestic Violence Defense LawyerHow Soon Should You Call an Attorney if You're Accused of Domestic Vio

As soon as you discover that someone is accusing you of domestic violence, which can include domestic battery or aggravated domestic battery, or when you find out that someone has obtained an order of protection against you, it’s a good idea to get in touch with a domestic violence defense attorney.

The sooner you get in touch with an attorney, the better. Your lawyer can begin preserving your privacy during this emotionally traumatic time, and he’ll also begin developing a strategy that gets you the best possible outcome.

What Should You Tell Your Domestic Violence Defense Attorney?

When you get in touch with your domestic violence defense lawyer, he’ll have several questions. It’s important that you’re as honest as possible when you answer.

Your attorney will ask you very specific answers, and it’s in your best interest to give specific answers. Don’t explain unless he asks you to explain.

If you haven’t already been interrogated by police, your lawyer will accompany you for questioning. Remember, it’s always better—even if you are innocent—not to talk to investigators without your attorney present. (Don’t worry about looking guilty if you hire a lawyer; it’s not unheard of for innocent people to be convicted of crimes they never committed, so it’s better safe than sorry.)

What to Do if You’re Accused of Domestic Violence

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