If you’re accused of aggravated domestic battery, your first instinct may be to deny responsibility to the police or investigators who are questioning you.

However, that can be a huge mistake—and in most cases, you’re better off keeping your innocence to yourself until you’ve spoken with your Chicago aggravated domestic battery attorney.

Should You Talk to Investigators After Being Accused of Aggravated Domestic Battery?Aggravated Domestic Battery in Chicago

You have the right to avoid incriminating yourself. That means you don’t have to say anything that could paint you as guilty in court.

For most people, it’s best to use that right.

Remember, even if you’re innocent, police have one job: to catch the “bad guy” and provide the prosecution with the evidence they need to secure a conviction.

The police can (and almost certainly will) use anything you say or do against you when you eventually go to court. Even if you’re innocent but police have “evidence” they feel proves your guilt, it’s best not to say anything until you’ve spoken with your attorney.

What Will Your Chicago Domestic Battery Defense Lawyer Do?

Your Chicago domestic battery defense lawyer will be able to evaluate your case. He’ll examine the evidence that the prosecution intends to use against you, and he’ll begin building a strategy that gets you the best possible outcome as soon as he has all the facts.

You’re always welcome to ask your attorney questions, whether you’re not sure what you should say (or whether you should even speak in court) or you don’t know about the possible consequences of a conviction.

Your attorney’s job is to preserve your rights while police are investigating the charges and when you go to court and appear before the judge. He’ll also keep you informed on everything you need to know about your case.

The consequences of an aggravated domestic battery conviction can be extremely severe, so it’s in your best interest to get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer will give you case=specific legal advice that helps you get the best outcome possible.

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